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Melisa Dora

Owner, ceramicist, giggles too much and a very patient teacher!. 

Melisa loves teaching and passing on her skills and expertise to budding potters. She is most content at the wheel and loves to create functional tableware for everyday use. 

Her passion is colour which is evident in her glazes. She mainly works on bespoke commissions for restaurants, coffee shops and personal use. 

1 MelisaDora 1195.jpg

Eliza Triance

Eliza, a ceramic studio assistant and teacher, finds her personality similar to clay; malleable and creative. Her adoration for ceramics has led her to roles in Europe and London, seeking constant knowledge from the industry, including working at a crystalline tableware company in the Netherlands.
With a background initially in design, she has a meticulous eye for detail and an affection for combining form and function.

Her positive, upbeat, and creative personality ensure that Eliza's classes are engaging and fun. She believes it's essential for people to engage with clay and experiment with its imaginative opportunities, and connect back with the earth.

Eliza's passion for ceramics has led her to be currently finishing her BA in Ceramics Design at Central Saint Martins.

Workshop Eliza teaches:

4 week workshops on a Tuesday evening and studio assistant to Melisa.


Yasmin Hamouda

Yasmin is a tableware designer/maker interested in both what and how we eat. She uses her experience working as a chef to design functional ceramics for dining experiences across domestic and commercial settings. She primarily uses the wheel but also enjoys combining other hand building techniques to produce a range of textures and explore the many possibilities of working in clay.  She loves teaching others about clay and sharing her passion for handmade tableware.

Workshop Yasmin teaches:

Taster workshops on the wheel on Sundays. 


Yael Rosenberg

Yael is a designer, primarily dedicated to creating ceramic objects, with a particular fascination for working with porcelain and appreciating its distinct characteristics. She explores the relationship between people and the objects that surround them, emphasizing the emotional value of handmade pieces and recognizing their significance in our lives. Yael thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of working with clay and crafting something meaningful with their own hands.

Workshop Yael teaches:

Taster workshops on the wheel on Sundays. 


Leanne Vieira

Leanne Vieira is a ceramicist based in London with a background in community outreach and engagement. She's passionate about the benefits of creativity on wellbeing, striving to make these activities as accessible and inclusive as possible.

She produces thrown and handbuilt work with a focus on materiality and sustainability, taking inspiration from historical and contemporary ceramics. 

Leanne is a graduate of BA Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martins and is currently assistant to production potter, Skye Corewijn. 

Workshop Leanne teaches:

Taster workshops on the wheel and Kids workshops. 

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