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Hello, thank you for visiting my website!


I am a ceramic artist and author specialising in versatile and tactile hand-thrown tableware. From plates and bowls to mugs and serving dishes, my tableware adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to any dining experience.


After graduating in 2010 from Brighton University with a 1st class ceramics and wood Masters Degree, I went on to set up my own ceramics studio, working on a variety of tableware collections and freelance commissions for clients.


My current studio is located in London, Forest Hill, SE23. I grew up in this area so it holds many memories for me and I am proud to have a small business here, contributing to this wonderful community that gave me so many opportunities growing up. 

My work is durable and well-suited for everyday use. Whether it's enjoying a morning coffee from my hand-thrown mug or serving a meal on a set of my plates, my tableware adds a personal touch to any dining experience and celebrates the beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

I absolutely love making but I also love giving back to my community by hosting a variety of pottery workshops in my studio. I love sharing my passion for ceramics with others! Workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore their creativity, learn new skills, and experience the satisfaction of working with clay firsthand.

The variety of workshops I offer can cater to different skill levels and interests, ranging from beginner-level sessions where participants can learn the basics of hand-building or throwing, to more advanced workshops focusing on specialised techniques or specific projects.


Please get in touch for any enquiries or commissions

Photo by Andy Smith

Every piece made by Melisa goes through 6 processes.

THROW-TURN-FIRE (1000 degrees)-SAND-GLAZE-FIRE (1240 degrees) 

Video by Leanne Dixon


My studio is located down a passageway in between 61 & 63a Dartmouth Road SE23 3HN. 

Please walk down this passageway to the brick wall and turn left. 

Please email if you would like to visit as someone may not be in there every day during the week. 

Passageway entrance

Please walk down this passageway to the brick wall

Turn left at the brick wall

Please turn left when you get to the brick wall/fencing.

My studio

Walk down this path and my studio is located here on ground floor.

Overhead view of studio

Google map image

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