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Melisa Dora is a ceramic artist and author specialising in versatile and tactile hand-thrown tableware, glazed in a fusion of vibrant and subtle colour combinations.


After graduating in 2010 from Brighton University with a 1st class ceramics and wood Masters Degree, Melisa went on to set up her own ceramics studio, working on a variety of tableware collections and freelance commissions for clients. She also teaches ceramic workshops in her London studio and enjoys passing on her own expertise and passion for making beautiful objects by hand. This has in turn informed her own professional development.

Melisa creates complementary coloured glazes, in a variety of finishes, which she mixes herself in her studio. 


All of her pieces are functional and fired to stoneware at 1240 degrees. 


Please get in touch for any enquiries or commissions

Photo by Andy Smith

Every piece made by Melisa goes through 6 processes.

THROW-TURN-FIRE (1000 degrees)-SAND-GLAZE-FIRE (1240 degrees) 

Video by Leanne Dixon

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