Free postage and gift box included!


Handmade Porcelain Star decoration with raised patterned detail (on one side).  Free postage and gift box included! 


All decorations are individually made by hand and hung from a grey velvet ribbon. The intricate detail is made by using a hand-carved pattern plaster block I made myself which acts as a mould to roll the porcelain clay onto.


The variety of shapes are then cut out, the edges are smoothed and then they are left to dry completely before putting in the kiln for their first firing at 1000 degrees. Once they are out of the kiln, they are either left unglazed or some are glazed in a transparent glaze and both finishes are fired again at 1240 degrees. Attention to detail is evident on each of these decorations. 

Porcelain Star

Sold out
  • - Porcelain glazed with a transparent shiny glaze

    -L: 6cm, W: 5cm , 2mm thickness

    - All decorations are presented in a gift box (As shown in product images) . This box can also be used to store your decoration when not used.