Lesson Time:

3rd October: 6-8pm

10th October: 6-8pm

17th October: 6-8pm

23rd October: 6-8pm


Teacher: Melisa Dora


This exciting 4 week course (2 hours per session) will guide you through techniques on how to make 4 mugs.

We all have a favourite mug in our cupboard which we can't live without and no one else is allowed to use it! Why is it so personal to you? and what makes it your favourite mug? We will analyse and question your preferences and discuss how we can create new mugs you will enjoy using:).

A lot of thought and skill goes into making handles. They come in all shapes and sizes. I will teach you how to use the 'pulling' technique to create unique handles for of your mugs you will throw in week 3.

I will only be teaching 3 students at a time so this class is more of a one -to -one tuition with me which means you will get lots of guidance throughout! This course is for beginners or students who wish to review techniques. 

1.5 hours will be spent at the wheel and 15-30 minutes will be spent cleaning the wheel at the end of the session and reflecting on what we have made during the class.
Week 1: Learn how to prepare clay before starting on the wheel. You will also learn a few basic throwing techniques and will practice these throughout this first session. No work will be kept in this session.

Week 2: The cylinder project. Learn how to make a group of cylinders with set dimensions. We will work on technique and repetition.

Week 3 : Learn how to make 4 vessels ready to be trimmed in week 4. We will also be learning how to make handles in this week

Week 4 : Turning. You will be finishing off your pieces by using trimming tools to shape the sides and bases. You will also learn how to attach 2 handles to the vessels you have just trimmed.

You can choose up to 5 glazes from my collection and all pieces will go through 2 firings reaching up to 1240 degrees. Finished pieces can be collected up to 3 weeks after your 4th session.



I will not be able to offer a refund on this class. Please make sure you are certain on the dates you book as It can be difficult to get a new student in with short notice. If for some reason you can not attend please consider passing your place onto a friend/family member. 

Mug Making Course- 4 weeks