Handthrown with white stoneware clay and glazed in Melisa's shiny white glaze. 


When selecting a number from the drop down menu, the fault will show in the image. Here are the explanations of why each piece is a second. All faults are minor and the tumblers are fully functional. 


Explanations for each piece: 


1) 4oz tumbler: A tiny iron dot inside.

2) 4oz tumbler: Tiny accidental dot unglazed in the interior of the cup 

3) 6oz tumbler: Flared rim 

4) 6oz tumbler: Rim going in slightly 

5 ) 6oz tumbler: Tiny iron dot inside. 

6) 8oz tumbler:  Tiny dot unglazed on the exterior wall

7) 8oz tumbler: Tiny dot unglazed on the exterior wall

8) 8oz tumbler: Uneven glaze on the exterior wall. 

9) 4oz tumbler: Tiny dot unglazed on the exterior wall

4oz,6oz,8oz Tumbler

  • Dimensions: 

    4oz : 6.5cm  (diameter) x 6.5cm (height)

    6oz: 7.5cm (diameter) x 7.5cm (height) 

    8oz: 8cm (D) x 8.5cm (H) 

    All pieces are handthrown so slight differences in size and glaze may occur.

    All glazes are made by Melisa and fired to 1240 degrees.

    Dishwasher safe but handwashing is advised.